Setting up a Catholic men’s group

As far as possible, keep the group centred within the parish and made up of parishioners. Forming social and spiritual bonds are easier when you see each other regularly at Mass and at parish events. The parish will also benefit from your regular and committed presence.


Why join a Catholic men’s group?

Aren't Catholic men's groups just a handful of old men clinging to the final vestiges of a dying faith? Aren't the Knights of St Columba or the Catenians some vague, shadowy sect your grandfather belonged to? Isn't it, well, a little un-PC to talk about men-only groups these days? Who knows what they get up to behind closed doors!

Manhood = Virility + Virtue

If fatherhood is the essence of authentic masculinity (see previous post), a man's life should be dedicated to becoming the best father possible. Only in this way will he become the best man possible. What potential athlete, believing that winning is the essence of athletics, would simply sit back and hope one day to become... Continue Reading →

The Purpose of Human Fatherhood is to Reveal the Divine

Fatherhood is the essence of authentic masculinity. Through their generative capacity, men are biologically predisposed towards fatherhood. Their sexual drive makes them virtually hardwired to establish their paternity as soon as they are able; their specific physical and cognitive talents enable them to support the consequences of their actions as they raise their families. Wealth,... Continue Reading →

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