Prudence, Financial Independence & The Need for Catholic Men to Understand Their Personal Finances

As the head of our domestic church, we should strive to be prudent with our finances so we can wholly serve and protect the best interests of our family. Financial responsibility is the idea that one must ultimately take ownership for managing one’s own finances and eventually the finances of one's family. The man should step up and take on the responsibility with grace.


The Crisis of Our Times – Too Many Men are Effeminate

According to Thomas Aquinas, effeminacy is an unwillingness to put aside one’s pleasure in order to pursue what is arduous. This is also his definition of sloth, but the difference is that sloth is the aversion of what’s hard whereas effeminacy is the disordered attachment to pleasure.

The Death of the Hero

It is no coincidence in an age of uncertainty and fear that we are so obsessed with superheroes. Our collective consciousness craves security in the knowledge that someone is doing something in a world where chaos is so prevalent and its cause so intangible. As soon as we seem to have a handle on one... Continue Reading →

Manhood = Virility + Virtue

If fatherhood is the essence of authentic masculinity (see previous post), a man's life should be dedicated to becoming the best father possible. Only in this way will he become the best man possible. What potential athlete, believing that winning is the essence of athletics, would simply sit back and hope one day to become... Continue Reading →

The Purpose of Human Fatherhood is to Reveal the Divine

Fatherhood is the essence of authentic masculinity. Through their generative capacity, men are biologically predisposed towards fatherhood. Their sexual drive makes them virtually hardwired to establish their paternity as soon as they are able; their specific physical and cognitive talents enable them to support the consequences of their actions as they raise their families. Wealth,... Continue Reading →

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