Testimony: Andrew McDermott – an Old Soldier and his Walk with Christ

I have had over the years long periods of separation from my wife, and have, in between bouts of fighting cancer, experienced - painful to admit it - a kind of belated midlife crisis, with all the typical desires: to be young and healthy again; to be more active and more popular; to escape the inevitable call of the grave, the one certain thing that waits us all. One other thing that can hit you, as you become a reluctant old man, is a desire for an adventure, a desire to escape the boring, to rage against the new-fangled nonsense of modernity and the bleakness of individualism.


Our reproductive organs are for being and fully becoming a man and a father and being and fully becoming a woman and a mother. But if those organs are used as pleasure toys, then we forget what they are really for and so we deny and block out being mothers and fathers and we therefore forget what it really means to be men and women.

Fathers: The Great Adventurers of the Modern World

There is only one adventurer in the world, as can be seen very clearly in the modern world: the father of a family. Even the most desperate adventurers are nothing compared with him. Everything in the modern world is organised against that fool, that imprudent, daring fool, against the unruly, audacious man who is daring enough to have a wife and family, against the man who dare to found a family.


When Jesus first said Abba, he meant Joseph. As with all fathers, the vocation of Joseph was to provide for Jesus as seamless a transition from father to Father as possible.

Testimony: Khenz Rodgers

I was baptised when I was young, though as a teenager I didn’t practice the Faith. I had no thought of going to the Church, or to the sacraments. Although my life seemed fine to me, I became ill during my time at college. After a while, I began to ask questions and one of these questions I sought to answer was, does God exist?


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