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This initiative aims to reach out to Catholic men in the UK - married and single, lay and religious, young and old - in order to encourage fraternity and persistence in the faith.

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When Fathers Despair, We All Despair

A picture of a father in tears at London’s recent Extinction Rebellion demonstration left me troubled.

Traditional Liturgy and Catholic Masculinity

Anecdotally, it seems that the traditional Mass attracts proportionately more men than modern forms of the Mass. Why is it that Catholic lay men in particular are drawn to the traditional Mass? What is there about its form that appeals to Catholic men of our time?

Catholic Men and the Abortion Debate

In creating the conditions for abortion to occur, men have surrendered ownership of their nature as fathers. They have allowed abortion to dismantle fatherhood, and now fatherhood has been erased from the debate. The answer is to rebuild the narrative of men as fatherly protectors and as disciplined, defensive warriors of the family.

Overcoming Lust in an Impure World

All the decorum of the past has been lost. This means that a Catholic man in the modern world cannot rely on simply evading the things that might cause him to succumb. It is an unwelcome fact that impurity and immodesty are so ingrained in the culture as to make complete avoidance unlikely at best, and impossible at worst.

Survey of Catholic Men Highlights ‘Courage’ as Most Desirable Character Trait

Contrary to what one is led to expect from men, there was a respectable amount of self-reflection and identification of personal issues. Attaining an authentic sense of masculinity is important to men. Further exploration is required into the choice of ‘courage’ as a preferred character trait – why do men feel it’s so important? Why might they be lacking it, and what do they feel they could do better once they have it?

Chastity: The Masculine Virtue

HENRY WALKER In an age so upside down as our own, any notion of chastity in men is criticised and considered useless, weak or even feminine. It appears that in many areas of life the Truth has been flipped directly on its head. Now it seems that unrestrained indulgence is the manly disposition, rather than... Continue Reading →

Hope and Despair in Lord of the Rings – the Choice Facing Catholic Men Today

We Catholic men have a choice before us. Either we arise from our stupor and put our houses in order, then pick up our weapons and join the battle, or we let the effluence of fear and despair creep deep into our souls and we give up entirely. Each, individual man, in his own environment and with his own particular set of circumstances, has that singular choice to make: get a grip or give up.


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